Brent Carter Victoria TX

Ever had such a great conversation over lunch, that you have these amazing epiphany’s over world problems? I bet you have! So have many of us, and every average Joe in the planet. Brent Carter has taken this to another level. He made all of our dreams come true, live radio! Being an Insurance agent for more than 25 years now, he seems to live both live’s out! Insurance agent by day, live radio by night!

Brent was born and raised in the beautiful state of Texas. Attending grade school in his hometown Victoria, and later graduating from his local high school. he then went on to The University of Texas in Austin. He graduated with a BBA – Finance. Sports played a huge part in his life. Being a loyal fan not only to his UT teams, but also to the Cowboys, Astros, and the Spurs. Brent inherited the athlete gene, and later on passed it to his three amazing kids.

Brent Carter Victoria Tx had three kids of his own. The eldest, Kendall of only 20 years who attends A&M. Followed by Katie, 19 years and also attends A&M with her eldest sibling. Last but not least, Kyle of only 17 years, still attending high school at VEHS. All amazing athletes, pursuing and indulging in what seems to be the family’s passion for sports.

In the mist of his Insurance agent career, Brent met Ash Wade. Sparking a long life friendship, and inevitably changing the course of each other lives. Ash, as big of a sports fanatic as Brent, was born and raised in Canada. Growing up in a completely different world than Brent, a bi-level igloo in an upper level middle class family. Sports and athleticism, being the bonding glue to this friendship. As the friendship grew stronger, their boundaries grew smaller. Thus leaving space for more controversial topics amongst each other.

Brent decided to take the topics from mere lunch discussion, to social media. Acquiring a quite, off the hinges, yet loyal fans. As their fanbase grew, the friends were asked time and time again to get their own live show! Little did we know, the topic had been discussed for a few months now. What seemed to be an overnight success to the naked eye, had been the topic of many lunch dates.

You can find these two blessing our radio speakers on Big V! Discussion ranging from gardening to the melting icecaps, from sports to anything on your mind! Their widely known for calling out local media on their discrepancies and inconsistencies. Fans absolutely eat it all up! Anything in your mind, they wanna hear it! Contact Brent and Ash by phone at (361)575-9609, or by email at, also by mail at
2001 East Sabine Street Victoria, TX 77901. Have something to talk about? Contact them!